Who are we?  Where have we come from?  How is it affecting our lives today?


What is Ultimate© Past Life Journeys©?

Ultimate© Past Life Journeys©
 is going the extra step.  Because of my work on the Higher Realm, I am very comfortable in taking clients to that level.  After the death in the past life, we continue with the Soul to the Higher Realm, meet with the Master Guide and review the life just left.  Finding the lessons gained in that lifetime and seeing how they benefit the current lifetime.  Finding the lessons not learned and how that is affecting the present lifetime.  It is the Ultimate experience of a past life regression. 

My three-year old granddaughter asked me if I remembered when she was my grandma.  Do children have past life memories that they can recall?

Absolutely they have recall of their past lives.  Children are not so long from the realm of energy and the 'veil' is not so thick.  If we allow them to, children can give us volumes of information, especially about their past lives.

Is de ja vu the same as past lives?

Essentially yes.  That feeling that we've been to a place before when in actuality it is our first visit there.  That feeling that we've known someone before but in actuality it is the first time we have met them.  It is our SOUL looking out through our physical eyes and remembering. Many times, the Soul leads us to a particular part of the world that has fond meaning or our Soul will lead us to a particular part of the world where we have had trauma and need healing.  The same is true for people in our lives.  We meet someone only to discover we needed to resolve issues between the two Souls.

How many past lives have we had?

Many, many past lives.  None of us are 'new souls' incarnating for the first time.  Some of us are 'immature' souls having been here many times but failing to learn the basic lessons of Earth.  Some of us are 'mature' souls and looking to higher learning in a lifetime. 

Academy of Applied Intuitive Arts

Past Life Regression

              James Van Praagh, Betty McCormack, Dr. Brian Weiss
"It's impossible for us to learn all of the lessons about love and forgiveness in just one lifetime, in one dynamic.  We come back over and over again as male, female, tall, short, weak, strong, healthy, sick, rich, poor, in all cultural backgrounds and religious traditions.  Being in many different bodies, cultures, and dynamcis expands the nature of our Soul.  The primary function of reincarnation is to allow our souls to experience all sides of all situations in every conceivable role."  ..."Earth School 101" by Alan Arcieri

Past Life Regression therapy has been studied since the 1950’s by numerous health care providers such as psychologist and psychiatrists.  They have proven that PLR is a dramatic and rapid form of advancement with many permanent improvements in individuals who choose this form of regression

Past Life Regression uses hypnosis to return to an earlier lifetime.  It is important at this stage to understand that hypernesia is recalling memories but hypnosis is reliving the experience.  Therefore, all the emotions; physical symptoms; recognition of people from the past who are with us again; reactions to geographical places; etc. will be very real.

The physical body and the personality change from life time to life time.  But the Soul remains consistent holding the memories.  At times, this reliving may be with vivid imagery…seeing; hearing; smelling; tasting; touching all that occurred in that past life.  At times, there will be strong emotions involved with this vivid imagery.  At times, there is just a knowing of what has happened in this life long ago.  Whatever is right for the client, it is critical to gain the information as it will be utilized in the transformation that will occur as a result of the past life experience.  

Past Life Regression is based on the belief in reincarnation.  This dates back thousands of years.  It is presented in the Hindu beliefs that the soul is eternal and will incarnate many lifetimes. 

In Metaphysics, we know that as the soul experiences life on this Earth with its negative and positive energies; the Soul will gain knowledge which in turn becomes Wisdom.  As the Soul gains this Wisdom it grows and progresses into higher states of being, until finally, the Soul becomes enlightened and need not return to Earth for learning. 

We also know that in this realm of negative and positive energies, each incarnation of learning made by the Soul into an Earth life may incur wounds and negative emotions.  These wounds must be healed.  These negative emotions must be resolved.  Therefore, the need for re-incarnations.  Or the need for Past Life Regression in which these wounds and negative emotions are resolved and released during a session of past life regression.   

Past lives and all the unfinished issues left unresolved sets the framework of current lives.  It’s all about energy.  Once energy is formed it cannot be destroyed…changed…but not destroyed.  Therefore, when we create an ‘energy issue’ with a Soul in a past life…unless and until that is resolved…the energy will travel through time into our current lifetime…different bodies but same souls working on the same issues.

Past Life Regression can reach back into time; find these issues; and resolve them.  This releases us from the struggles in our current life times with issues that date back possibly hundreds of years… old wounds left unhealed both physical and emotional… relationships that were destructive then are destroying our lives now… unexplained fears; phobias; pains and illnesses that have their base in our lives lived long ago…  feeling unexplained negativity towards certain people or places; adversity to particular foods; recurring dreams…   The opportunity to reach back into time and change poor decisions that were made then….giving us the opportunity in this lifetime to receive the benefit of those changed decisions.

Past Life Regression can be utilized for research into the past.  Details such as names; places; dates; details about life in a certain era totally unknown to the client previous to the PLR can be verified by research; validating the reality of past lives.

Past Life Regression can dissolve the fear of death as we find ourselves in many previous life times and actually experience the Soul passing out of the physical body.  PLR can speed the healing of grief at the loss of a loved one.  Finding the loved one, different bodies but same Soul, in many of our previous lifetimes giving us the absolute knowledge that they will be in our future lives…we will be with them again.

Past Life Regression can be used to discover skills learned in a lifetime long forgotten; those forgotten skills that will endear us with knowledge in our current lifetime.

With Ultimate Past Life Journeys©, we can not only resolve life’s perplexing problems but we have an opening to the realm of pure energy…that spiritual realm of unconditional love and purity…  This gives us an opportunity to experience this realm after the past life as we travel to the Gateway and meet with our Master Guides.  As we work with our Master Guide, we can begin to ‘see’ the bridge from the past life into our current life.  How we can benefit from the lessons gained but how we also are affected by the lessons left unlearned in that life time long ago….

My work as a Past Life Regressionist is in guiding the client into the realms of their past.  Gaining information that leads to healing on a level that can only be achieved from this journey into the past.  It truly is a new book each time I work with a client.  We can put the intent out to go into a specific era, specific place on this Earth, or a specific issue that needs healing.  However, the Soul or Higher Self knows where the healing needs to be directed and that is where we will ultimately end up working.  Always accomplishing that final transformation leading to our enlightenment…