"I use the analogy of the hummingbird's wings.  When the hummingbird is sitting at rest, we can see the wings with our human eyes.  However, when the bird is flying and vibrating it's wings at such a fast rate, we can no long 'see' the wings with human eyes.  But we know they are there....it is the same with our deceased loved ones.  We can no longer 'see' them with our human eyes...but they are there."
"Mediumship encompasses communications with deceased loved ones who are no longer in the physical body.  They no longer have the density of the physical; thereby releasing their slower density into a high-form of vibrational energy."

"Medium is one who acts as an intermediary between the physical world and the world of deceased loved ones.  Mediums communicate with energy... that everlasting part of your deceased loved one that never ceases to exist even with the loss of the physical.  The Soul of your deceased loved ones continues on with love, intelligence, and their spiritual truths and

What is the difference between a Medium, a Channeller, and a Psychic?

A Medium communicates with deceased loved ones; a Channeller communicates with other high-vibrational energy beings (such as Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.); a Psychic interprets energy that is still on the Earth.

What happens during a Mediumship session?
This is an opporutnity to connnect with deceased loved ones to:

     --resolve issues and concerns
     --to gain closure
     --to say the last good bye
     --saying I love you
     --to know without a doubt that
          your loved one is at peace 
     --to gain validation that 
           your loved one 
           continues on
     --to gain an understanding of
            your loved one's 
            life in energy             
     --to gain an acceptance & 
            and comfort to heal
            the grief of loss
     --to acknowledge that your 
            love one is still
            communicating with
            energy message and

 How will I know it's my loved one?  

Your loved one will be giving information to the Medium that you can validate as being from or about your loved one.  

Will other energy beings come through during the session

Your loved one is still very much in contact with your life.  They may well bring up issues you have in your life.  In their desire to supply answers and guidance, they may have other energy beings come in to assist in your life's struggles.

Does this work just as well over the phone?

Absolutely it does. Energy knows neither time nor distance.  We can set up an appointment over the phone and I can connect with your deceased loved ones.


"Thanks to you and your wonderful gift I have my life back again.  It gave me such joy and relief to hear from my Mother and to learn that she is still around me and is at peace in a joyful place.  God bless you, Betty!  You truly are one very, very special woman."  G.J. ,  New York

"You brought clarity into life issues for me.  I wanted to say thank you for the session.  It was 'transformational'.  I no longer have the terrible pain n my heart over both parents but primarily my Mom.  Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.  A big THANK YOU and I look forward to seeing you again."  G.P., Florida

"Thank you for one of the most profound and helpful healing sessions ever.  You are an incredible facilitator and an amazingly gifted channel for the Light."  R.R., Florida

"I wanted to say thank you for the session and for what happened during that time.  What happened was a 'transformation'.  I no longer have the terrible pain in my heart I've been carrying for some time, over both parents.  Forgiveness is a wonderful thing but there's more than that.  I am no longer very depressed.  The spiritual foundation of that lift is undoubtedly at work. 
THANK YOU....."       ...GP, Sarasota
Academy of Applied Intuitive Arts

Intuitive Medium

            How did a banker's wife become a professional Medium?


“I’m Betty McCormack.  I’m a Medium from Sarasota, Florida.  I work with energy…’it’s all about energy’.”  Those are words that I’d hear myself saying but it took many sessions to believe.  You see my journey began as a banker’s wife…


There was a time in my life when  I thought a ‘medium’ was a dress size.  I had no conception of what it meant to be ‘metaphysical’.  Spiritual was the only word I might have recognized.  However, it had a totally different meaning than it does now.


Since very young, I've had a strong knowing that there was a greater power.  I called this energy, God.  God to me was the loving father.  In the fundamentalist Christian religion of my beginnings, He was the disciplinarian that would punish me if I ‘sinned’…  or so I was taught.  I never bought that concept.  His love for me made me feel like a favored daughter.  I could not imagine Him punishing me or anyone else.  I knew somehow that His love for His children was perfect and unconditional.  These past years have solidified that ‘knowing’ of my youth.


I’m frequently asked if I was aware of these ‘gifts’ as a child.  First, the work I do is not necessarily gifts…that only I have been given. We all have the ability to do what I do with energy. 


My past history includes Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I suffered with this for twenty years waiting for the traditional medical community to discover exactly why and what to do for it.  I was the President of my local Fibromyalgia and CFS Support Group.  I had a platform that I promoted of proper nutrition, proper exercise, and proper rest.  My functioning capacity with Fibromyalgia and CFS was quite good…and I wanted to help others to be as productive as they could be with this ailment. 


Several of the support group members brought a new method of care to my attention…holistic health care.  They were using it and interested in researching more modalities.  I agreed with them, although, it was a risky area for this traditional, middle-of-the road conservative banker’s wife.  But, it was in the name of others that I ventured forward into the unknown area of holistic care.


My first undertaking was a young man in our community who practiced ‘Cranial-Sacral Therapy’.  He was brought to my attention by a member of the support group.  She wanted to have him as a speaker at one of the sessions.  I had a rule that no one would be allowed to bring their ‘healing’ modalities to the meetings until they were proven worthy.


From a future book I’m writing, here is an excerpt…


“I entered their home apprehensive and very on guard.  Was this someplace I wanted to be?  Were these people I could trust?  They both seemed so pleasant and I was struck by the piercing blue eyes emanating from the man.  He was average height, pleasant smile, with an air of wanting to please.  He could be trusted…I felt it.  And she was beautiful with her own set of striking blue eyes.  She was tall and regal.  She had a definite glow surrounding her.  Or was the glow coming from within?  These two strangers, as I thought of them then, looking back from my perspective now…there is no mistaking, they were known to me from another time.  This would be the beginning of my opening to the mystical journey that awaited me.

They welcomed me into a home that was quiet and peaceful.  The setting was rural where you could see trees and so quiet the songs of birds came floating in through the open windows.  He asked if I would like to experience a treatment on that day.  Would I?  This was, after all, mid-America…nothing would harm me.

I was asked to lie down on his massage table.  This was going to be okay.  It had to be, the table was covered in a hand-sewn quilt.  That seemed comforting and safe.  We were alone in the room together…if he locked the door though; I was going out the window.  He gently slipped his hands under my head and held it as tenderly as if he were a lover.  There was something inside of me responding to the touch of this man with the piercing blue eyes…something deeper than I had known.

My neck began to relax…my neck, relax; those words are never spoken in the same breath.  But, there it was again, something deep inside of me…responding.  He moved his hands from my head and as if they were gloved in silk, slid them under my back.  The movement was there again.  The deep response from my body.  Not bidden by my conscious-self, but bidden to slowly, slowly unwind the tormented stricture that was my body. 

There was a slight stirring as she opened the door and entered the room.  Her touch was so gentle as she placed her hands on my legs, it could have been a wisp of air barely perceptible.  Somehow, the thought of going out the window seemed long ago.  This was an incredible masterpiece of healing.  With just the slightest touch from two blue-eyed strangers, my body had found the tranquility that so many search for and never find. 

She started to speak, her words sounding like the bird song I had heard… was it just such a short time ago?  What she said took time to pierce my state of bliss.  “You have many gifts”, said striking blue eyes, “you put them away when you were four years old”.  The only thought I could manage to hold onto…I don’t remember being four years old.  “Your gifts will be returning and you are guarded by a massive protection”, she continued.  Laying on their homemade quilt, listening to birds chirping, breathing the fresh country air, having his hands of silk relax my tormented body…I would believe striking blue eyes with the glow from within.  Her vision, her knowing would prove so true for someone ordinary as I, never expecting…that here in this place, the journey had begun.”


That occurred many years ago.  The ensuing years, I likened to grabbing hold of the tail of a comet….and streaking across the sky.  It has been a phenomenal journey to who I am and what I do at this present day.  Whatever image of me that would have occurred in my brain in those years gone by as the banker’s wife with Fibromyalgia and CFS has been far surpassed. 


Fibromyalgia and CFS are history now.  My wariness with holistic modalities has been replaced with the experience now as a healing facilitator myself.  My knowledge of metaphysics and my work is that of someone who has remembered what was accomplished in many lifetimes….lifetimes of being all that I am today. 


“I am Betty McCormack, a Medium from Sarasota Florida.”  I take great pride in saying those words.  At the beginning of my ‘career’, it was as unfamiliar to me as those words may be to you. 


I’m schooled with a certificate from the AIIS Institute.  The same facility that is mentioned in John Edward’s book as his ’only teacher’ was also my teacher.  Although, my work is much different than his…we each have our own purpose.  And, my intent when taking the classes was not to become a professional Medium.  It was merely to attend the classes and ‘explore this new frontier’. 


I found that ‘striking blue eyes with the glow from within’ was accurate.  My ‘gifts’ were returning and I excelled in the classes.  And, there have been more classes in other areas over these past years. 


Alice Bailey’s high-quality work became mine also as I gained degrees in Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Astrology.  I ventured into Dr. Brian Weiss’ work in past-life regression therapy.   I have his professional certification in that field.  And, there is the hypnosis work.  My work in that field was done with Gerald Kein at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center® which included becoming a certified hypnotist and also a nationally board certified consulting hypnotist.  And, now becoming a designated trainer for Omni Hypnosis.


I maintain an office in Florida where I see clients privately.  I have traveled the world to gain several of these certifications and have clients now worldwide.  I have lived and worked in Denmark at a holistic cancer treatment center. I have associations with the medical community working with traditionally-trained medical doctors; both in the field of physical and emotional care of clients.  I believe strongly that this is where our healing should be centered using energy work and the traditional western medicine in a holistic care.  Many times, I hear myself telling my clients to keep one foot in the traditional medical care as well as one foot in  the energetic care. 


We are energy beings living in physical bodies.  We must honor both with the best care that is offered.  A blend of caring for our physical bodies along with our energy bodies.  A true holistic approach to our well-being as we endeavor to become the best we can be both body and soul on this Earth journey we are traveling.  


I do connect with energies that are no longer in the physical body.  Energies of your deceased loved ones, acquaintances, and friends.  Energies of the archangels and spirit guides.  I work with them in this progression of our life.  Healing grief, giving answers to life’s questions that we all struggle to understand in the healing of our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. 


My work is that of an interpreter.  I am given signs, words, concepts, symbols, and direct messages.  It is my job to present this in a way that I feel is important to you.  It will be your task to place the emotional significance where it belongs to you.  For me, it is just information that I am receiving.  Communications that I am receiving telepathically from energies that have never or no longer have the density of the physical body. 


For as I mentioned at the beginning of this, ‘it is all about energy’.  We are magnificent massive forms of energy while residing in spirit life.  Energy with intelligence.  Energy that has come from the God Source. 


God, in his infinite wisdom, has chosen to release bursts of energy forms from His own enormous source.  Giving us life in Spirit.  With His intelligence, He bestows upon this energy bursts… His likeness.  This gives the energy bursts intelligence; communication abilities; and unconditional love.  These energy bursts that God calls ‘sons’ or perhaps it is ‘suns’, we choose to use to incarnate into the physical Earth world for a unique purpose.  That purpose being to learn about emotions.  Every aspect there is with emotions, both the negative and positive side of emotions.  For without knowing the darkness, we cannot know the Light. 


We may struggle through lifetime after lifetime in a negative mode until we, in some lifetime, comprehend the true meaning of the issue we are dealing with and reach the apex continuing into a life or lifetimes of positive energy.  This is the difficulty, the complexity of the lives we have on this Earth. 


In our humanness, we have the conception that our life on this beautiful sphere known as Earth is a life of comfort leading to bliss and perfection.  This is the fallacy, the lie that we perpetrate as human beings.  And, when this fantasy does not come to fruition, we are devastated with our lives…unhappy and discontented.  We search for fulfillment through material worth. 


We know that if we just have that one person in our life, it will make us complete and our lives will be perfect.  If we just have the house of our dreams, we can be happy.  If the career that we've longed for finally presents itself, we can pursue other avenues of growth. 


And, what if this all does happen in our lives?  Do we find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and live happily ever after?   No, we always know there is more….that commodity that is lacking.  What it is?  What is it that will finally bring peace to our Earth lives? 


We search and we struggle.  Until in some way, we are available to the opportunity that God is giving to us.  The opportunity to do our greater work here on this Earth.  The work that we have come here to do.


This is not a planet for bliss and perfection.  If we wanted that, we would stay in our Spirit lives…that massive energy that we are when we are in perfect form.  If we wanted a vacation, we would incarnate to another planet in a far away solar system where we could relax and just drift.


No, we have come here to this Earth with our briefcases full of issues to work on while incarnated as humans.  This is a business trip and we are here to work.    


And so begins the journey with this banker’s wife… now a Medium…