"Hypnosis is the connection between body,
                     mind, and spirit...."

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How does it feel while in hypnosis?

If you meditate, you will know the 'feeling' of hypnosis.  It is that same quiet, peaceful feeling of your body in relaxation; your thoughts are quiet and stilled; and you are in direct connection to the levels of your mind.  You are aware of all that is transpiring as you are not asleep.  You will hear noises, they will just not disturb your quiet, peace.  You will be able to speak, answering questions to the hypnotist.  You will also remember all that happens during the session.

If you do not meditate, this is an excellent way to begin a meditation practice.  Self-hypnosis leads you directly into this blissful state of relaxation.  

What if I cannot be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized.  If you sleep at night, you have experienced the levels of hypnosis. That wonderful peace just before falling into a deep sleep...that is the level of hypnosis.  There are only two reasons a person cannot be hypnotized...if they do not what to be (it is a 100 per cent consent state); or if there is fear.  We eliminate the fear, ask if you want to be hypnotized...and allow the process to unfold.  

Does hypnosis work for habits such as smoking, overeating, nail biting, etc.?

Hypnosis is the best process for targeting and transforming destructive habits into healthy practices in our daily life.  

I've heard that hypnosis works well for test anxiety and sports enhancement, is that true?

Yes.  Hypnosis is excellent for relieving any concern that is stuck in your mind regarding how well you can perform.  It is simply a matter of attitude.

Will I reveal any secrets while in hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not truth serum.  Individuals can lie while in hypnosis.  You are always aware of what you are saying and only if you want to reveal secrets will they be spoken.  

How does hypnosis work for pain relief?

Hypnosis allows you to enter into such a relaxed and peaceful state at the deeper levels that there is no longer a focus on the painful area.  

Can Hypnosis be used for anesthesia in surgery and childbirth?

Absolutely!  This has been used for many years successfully.  

Medical doctors and hospitals are using trained hypnotists in this method.  

It is also excellent before a visit to your dentist. 

Stress is a huge factor in my life.  Will hypnosis help me overcome the stress I feel?

A trained hypnotist can teach you self-hypnosis which will give you a trigger to use any time you wish to go into this deeply, relaxed state.  It can be for five minutes to all night long.  Whatever you choose.  It is a state of relaxing the body as well as the mind.

Can I become a hypnotist?

Yes...and I can help you with that.  I am a designed hypnosis trainer for the Omni Hypnosis Training Center of Sarasota, FL.  You will be board certified and nationally board certified upon completion of the class.  Please check out my Classes and Seminars page for details.  

Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Sarasota, FL

GRIEF HYPNOSIS - a hypnosis session in which you connect directly with your deceased loved ones. . While in a hypnotic state, you will 'meet' with your deceased loved ones...seeing them as they appeared in their human body and communicating with them without the intermediary. This is hypnosis in its capacity to heal grief.


Higher Realm© Hypnosis - The ability to reach that higher vibrational level of energy.  With hypnosis, it is possible to reach into the deepest recesses of your mind and connect with your Soul energy.  Using this method, then traveling to the 'gateway' and meeting with higher vibration energy beings one on one.  Dr. Michael Newton has proven this is possible in his work of Life Between Lives.  This is an opportunity to meet with Master Guides; angelic beings; and possibly an Ascended Master.  This is an opportunity to gain answers to life's complicated issues from those who have a greater knowing.

To understand what hypnosis is and how it works, it’s important to understand the functions of the three levels of the mind; and the four levels of the organic brain.

We find evidence of the use of hypnosis in the Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek healing temples. Hypnosis is a safe form of trance.  Trance simply meaning eyes closed; relaxed; and focusing on the hypnotist’s voice.  Hypnosis has been used professionally since the 1800’s.   The AMA formally recognized hypnosis in 1953.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis or self-relaxation.  As you will be in complete control at all times allowing yourself to experience this wonderful state of focused, relaxed concentration…as that is all hypnosis really is…a very deep, blissful state of relaxation of body and mind.  Any aches or pains that are experienced in a normal alert state, will not be felt in this deep state of relaxation.  Any worries or troubles that are experienced in the conscious state of mind will be relaxed to the point that the mind will not focus on them.  This truly is the state of absolute peace and serenity. 

One cannot get stuck in hypnosis anymore than one could in meditation.  The hypnosis client is always in control and at anytime they wish to stop the process, they just open their eyes and it’s over.  This is not mind control.  The hypnosis client is very aware of their surroundings, as they are not asleep.  Sleeping is another level of our brain activity.  This is a misconception that many clients have…you will not be asleep. Therefore, the hypnosis client will hear sounds and noises and be able to hear and react to the hypnotist’s voice.  The hypnosis client can respond with answers and information while in hypnosis.  They are very aware except their eyes will be closed.  If the hypnosis client hears noises and sounds, they will not be disturbed from this focused, concentrated relaxation.

The hypnosis client will be going through three of the four levels of brain activity to reach the level needed to do the hypnosis session.  The cognitive state or full awake state is called the beta level.  That’s where you probably are right now as you are reading this …in your conscious awareness.  The alpha state begins when we relax and our brain activity slows.  This is the state of meditation and hypnosis.  The same level just that in meditation you take yourself there…in hypnosis…the hypnotist guides you there.  This is the state we use for most of the hypnosis work.  The next level of brain activity is the theta state.  This is the state we are in just before we lose consciousness and slip into the delta state or the deep sleep state. 

These stages of brain activity are the ones we use each night as we are drifting into our night’s sleep. We get into bed while in our beta state, alert and aware.  Then we lie back, close our eyes and begin to relax.  This slows our brain activity and we slip very safely and gradually into the alpha state…more relaxed.  Then we glide right into the theta state where our body becomes so relaxed it is not moving and we slide right into the delta or deep sleep state.  This is all very safe and known to us.  Then in the morning, when we awake, we reverse the process; going from the delta state into the theta state into the alpha state (which by the way, is our most creative state when we are closest to the spiritual realm and a great time to pause during this process and meditate)…and then eventually we open our eyes and we are back into the faster brain activity of the beta or alert state.

We have three levels of the mind that we use in hypnosis; the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. 

The unconscious mind is the deep recess of our mind that controls our natural bodily functions which keep us alive, such as our heart rate; our respiration and breathing; and our immune system.  This is a level of the mind that seems to function well on its own.  The more we think about these unconscious bodily functions, the more we interfere with them.  It is best left to its own rhythm. Unless these systems are not functioning well, then through hypnosis the unconscious mind can be contacted to rebalance these bodily systems. 

The second part of the mind is the subconscious mind.  This is the powerful part of our mind.  Using hypnosis with the subconscious mind, it can make us into anything we would like to be. 

It houses our emotions; our imagination; our habits; and our permanent memory.  It’s that great vast area of our mind that keeps all our memories from our past lives; our stored memories from this life; and in that deeper superconsciousness… our memories of our life between lives or our Soul memories (see the page on Life Between Lives). 

Since hypnosis unlocks the subconscious level of the mind, the imagination and emotions are going to be very active.  It is very common for someone in hypnosis to utilize their imagination.  It may ‘feel’ as though they are imaging this entire process rather than using memory.  It’s okay…that’s very normal. 

Remember the permanent memory as well as the imagination is part of the subconscious mind.  So, it could be said, perhaps that which one perceives as imagination is actually permanent, stored memory.  Even if it ‘feels’ as though the hypnosis client is imaging or making this up, they must allow the process to continue.  It could well be that it is a memory that just ‘feels’ like imagination. 

The emotions are very active during hypnosis.  A client may laugh, cry, become angry, sad, etc.  Hypnosis is not remembering events; hypnosis is reliving the events.

The last area of the mind involved in hypnosis is the conscious mind which  is the alert mind that has our short-term memory; will power; reasoning; rationalization; analytic processes and critical thinking.  It is the protective part of the mind. 

Your conscious mind will always be aware of what’s going on during the hypnosis process.  Actually, the conscious mind is more aware during the process of hypnosis.  The client only looks like they are relaxed and sleeping.  The conscious mind being the protective part of the mind so, therefore, during hypnosis the client cannot be made to do anything that feels uncomfortable to them.  

Also, in the natural, everyday existence on this Earth, the  conscious mind is the spokesperson.  Therefore, in the hypnosis process, we might have to be patient and allow the subconscious mind the time it needs to begin speaking as it is the spokesperson during hypnosis.  It might be hesitant at first; therefore, it may feel as though the client is working very hard to get out the words and sentences…it may be perceived that the client is working to ‘think’ what to say….   Just be assured it is not coming from the conscious mind…the conscious mind speaks very freely and openly.  The subconscious mind may be more cautious about revealing those hidden memories.  We must be patient and allow the process to take place…it will.  The hypnosis client is going to be very successful at relaxing the conscious (spokesperson) and allowing the subconscious (timid speaker) to talk during this process of hypnosis. 

Only 20 per cent of the population is visual leaving 80 per cent non-visual.  However, even though you might be one of the non-visual…everyone can imagine.  If asked to image a tree, you would close your eyes and ‘see’ a tree.  It works the same way with hypnosis.  You will ‘see’ even if you call upon your imagine to assist you. 

It is important to note that during hypnosis, the client’s five main senses will be more acute.  Your sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and we can add one more…your wonderful sense of knowing will be highly sensitive.

What the hypnosis client must do is TRUST what they are getting.  All the images, impressions, memories, feelings, scenes as they are unfolding are coming from their subconscious or superconscious memory. 

A hypnosis session will empower your life.  Whether it is reaching into the subconscious mind to retrieve a stored memory that needs healing from this life or a life long ago; whether it is seeking a destructive habit that is stored there and replacing it with a healthy pattern; whether it is reaching for a caustic emotion that needs to be released; a fear or phobia that is consistent in your present life….whatever the purpose of hypnosis, it is a successful transformation of life’s stumbling blocks. 


Specialized training in:  Ultra Height® Hypnosis; Hypnotic Phobia Removal; Eliminating Alcoholism