What does Esoteric mean?

     Esoteric means 'hidden, meant to be found'.  It also means what is within.  There was a time in our history when spiritual or energy work was meant to be shared with only the adapts or masters.  This is where much of the energy work that is used today originated. 
Therefore, it was 'esoteric' or 'hidden' from the masses. 

How is Esoteric Healing applied in an appointment?

It is a series of four sessions spaced about 2 - 3 weeks apart.  The first session, I access and work with the Basic and Crown Centers.  The second session, I access and work with the Sacral and Throat Centers.  The third session, I access and work with the Solar Plexus and the Heart Center.  Then the fourth session, I work with the Head Centers.

Can Esoteric Healing be just as effective long-distance?

Absolutely, yes.  Since energy knows neither time nor distance, the energy work will be exactly the same. 

What can I expect during the appointment?

If we are doing this long distance, we will set up an appointment and on that date and time, I will call you to be sure you are comfortable and in a quiet environment.  I will then hang up and begin the energy work.  This will be about half to three-quarters of an hour.  Then I'll call you back, explain thoroughly what I found and the work I did.  I record this and will send a copy of the notes and the CD to you. 

If we do this in my office, the application is basically the same...only I furnish the quiet environment while I'm working. 

What does Esoteric Healing feel like when you are working on me?

Clients describe it as a pleasant and relaxing experience.  You may feel tingling, warmth, slight pressure, perhaps movement within the body. 

How does this apply to animals?  Can you do Esoteric Healing on animals?

Animals also have energy bodies that surround their physical.  Their energy bodies can also experience imbalance.  It is very effective on animals...and they love it.
"The Esoteric Healing work I do is profound.  This is my only work that is invasive into another's energy field.  I actually enter into the emotional, mental, and spiritual energy around a person and assess any imbalance in their energy field.  I then use the format of Esoteric Healing to correct this imbalance of energy.  If found before it manifests onto the physical, it may prevent illness, disease, and ailments.  Since most individuals are not familiar with their energy fields, they usually do not sense an imbalance of energy until it has manifested on the physical."
Academy of Applied Intuitive Arts 
Many are not aware of the existence of this subtle energy body, but we do respond to this sensitive energy.  We have all had experiences where someone 'touches' our energy field...and we are responsive to it.  It may be a pleasant feeling and we want the closeness or it may be an unpleasant feeling and we move away from the person.  We've just sensed our energy field.

We can be trained to 'see'; 'feel'; and 'use' this energy field. Our energy fields expand out in a continuous field about an arm's length out from our physical body. At times, this energy field draws in closer to the body, perhaps when we are ill; and at times, it expands out further. It may depend on our knowledge of how to use this energy field. There are many gifted individuals who teach about this energy field that affects each and every one of us. One of those individuals is Csongor Daniel, a Bioenergy Therapist. He has written a book titled, "Biotherapy, A Healing for the 21st Century". In this book, Daniel presents the Eastern European method of energy balancing in a format that is easy to understand and apply. His website is www.csongordaniel.com

Daniel explains in his book about this energy field or as we may know of it, the 'aura'. The 'aura' has multiple layers in the human energy field.  There is a connection between the aura and the chakras, which are energy centers throughout the body. There are sophisticated instruments which are able to register a concentration of the electromagnetic field at the areas where the chakras are presumably located but as yet, there is no strong evidence in our scientific community of this energy field.

The chakras or energy centers are vital to our healthy existence in the physical.
Esoteric Healing works directly with balancing and allowing the flow of positive energy to permeate these centers.

From "Biotherapy, A Healing for the 21st Century", Daniel states, "There are seven major chakras located on the midline of the trunk. Their colors are:

-Red -first or Base Chakra
-Orange -second or Sacral Chakra
-Yellow -third or Solar Plexus Chakra
-Green -fourth or Heart Chakra
-Light Blue -fifth or Throat Chakra
-Dark Blue -sixth or Ajna Chakra
-White or Violet -seventh or Crown Chakra

Each chakra governs a different part of the body:

-First Chakra - adrenals, spinal column and kidneys
-Second Chakra - gonads, reproductive system
-Third Chakra - pancreas, stomach, liver, gall baldder, nervous system
-Fourth Chakra - thymus gland, heart, blood, vagus nerve, circulatory system
-Fifth Chakra - thyroid gland, bronchial, vocal apparatus, lungs, alimentary
- Sixth Chakra - pituitary gland, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, and
nervous system
-Seventh Chakra - pineal gland, upper brain, right eye

In addition, there are twenty-one secondary chakras, too."

You may by now understand how important our energy field is to our continuation or restoration of our good health of the physical bodies. I lived and worked at a holistic cancer treatment center in Humlebaek, Denmark where this skill of Esoteric Healing was vital to my work. I was asked by the medical doctor who runs the clinic to work with his patients. He said to me, "I know that I only treat the symptoms of cancer in the physical, but with your skills, you can go into the energy field and find the cause of the illness"...

And, I did. Using all of my modalities to work with the patients but first and foremost I accessed their energy centers using the knowledge I've gained from Esoteric Healing.  With Esoteric Energy Healing, the importance is placed on the emotional energy field which holds our feelings; the mental energy field which holds our mind, or thoughts; and the spiritual energy field.This would lead me into the energetic work that needed to be done on their physical organs, endocrine glands, respiratory and circulatory systems...always using energy and the connection with the Soul to rebalance their energy field thereby giving their physical the best possibility of good health.

Esoteric Healing goes beyond the physical as we work with the subtle energy bodies of emotional, mental, and spiritual. There is healing achieved on all levels...mind, body, and spirit. What we find is the origination of  illness, disease, ailment.  And that's where it must be attended to. Dr. Barbara Briner, of the Bioenergy Studies Institute states that the definition of Esoteric Healing lies in "the science of healing through the energy field utilizing spiritual healing principles".


Each physical being has an energy field that flows through and around their body. This energy field is subtle as it is a higher vibration of energy than the density of the human body.

Esoteric Healing