The principle planets in our solar system have energy both negative and positive.  This energy broadcasting through the star signs define who we are in each Earth incarnation. 

Sun - Soul
Moon - Emotions
Mercury -
Venus - Quality/Value
Mars - Power/Desire
Jupiter - Expansive
Saturn - Boundries
Uranus - Changes
Neptune - Inspiration
Pluto - Transformation
We are much more than our Sun sign.  Each one of us has the influence of all  twelve star constellations or signs.  Star constellations or signs are energy with polarities of both negative and positive.  Therefore, since we are influenced by all twelve negative and positive attritubes of the signs, it is vital that we have an understanding of each...not just our Sun. 

Aries - Action
Taurus - Stability
Gemini - Variety
Cancer - Nurturing
Leo - Creative
Virgo - Analyze
Libra - Balance/Harmony
Scorpio - Hidden/Intense
Sagittarius - Truth/Freedom
Capricorn - Foundation
Aquarius - Reformer
Pisces - Belief/Faith/Unify

Astrology is a study based on the belief that the energies of celestial bodies in our solar system influence the lives of human beings on the Earth.  Esoteric meaning ‘hidden’ or what’s within when applied to Astrology gives us the study of those same celestial bodies but with a spiritual focus or one’s higher purpose. 

Therefore, Esoteric Astrology is the study of the soul’s evolution in each life time;  whereas exoteric or classic/mundane astrology focuses on the personality or an individual’s identity.  It is necessary then to have a solid foundation in classic/mundane astrology to attempt the philosophical interpretation of Esoteric Astrology…

Esoteric Astrology is based on the works of Alice A. Bailey and her Ageless Wisdom teachings as communicated by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul.  Master DK gave his interpretation of astrology in a more soul orientated manner. 

However, Esoteric Astrology can identify and reveal life’s purpose and how the astrological signs, houses, and planets reveal the story of joys, challenges, and the journey of this lifetime.  This can be applied in practical ways concerning our childhood; career and finances; partnerships; and physical health. 

Understanding your astrological chart helps to interpret the reasons we find ourselves at a particular place in life and also gives insight on how to handle the situations and challenges we encounter. 

Astrology and astronomy were once the same study.  Astronomy has the mathematical equations that assist in developing a chart.  Astrology is the interpretation of that chart. 

Characteristics have been assigned to each major planet and the twelve star constellations which give the base of the interpretation.  Since the planets and constellations are energy, there is polarity of negative and positive.  Therefore, we find both negative and positive characteristics. 

An astrologer uses intuition to determine the pairing of these characteristics in each person’s analysis.  In Esoteric Astrology, the information is always soul based.  Along with the information regarding our everyday life, Esoteric Astrology will incorporate how the soul is using these life’s experiences to gain knowledge and growth.

Because an astrologer can cast a chart from the past, the present, or the future, astrology gives us a definition of our lives.  We can cast a natal or birth chart and see the foundation that was intended for this life.  We can cast a chart for the present and see where we are predicted to be at the time.  We can also cast a chart into the future and gain a glimpse into upcoming life events.

Several terms worth knowing would be horoscope and zodiac.  The horoscope is a 360° map of the heavens at any given time.  It traces the planets and the energy of the star constellations they are broadcasting. 

The zodiac is a 360° imaginary elliptical belt which has the twelve star constellations on this belt.  The Sun is in the direct center with the planets in their rotation around the Sun within this belt.  This gives the astrologer the location of the planets and what star constellation or sign they are broadcasting.  As we know, the planets all have their own individual rotations; therefore, in any chart the planets will be in different signs.  If the Sun is broadcasting Gemini; Mercury could be in Sagittarius; with Venus in another sign, and so forth for the remaining planets.  This is why we are more than our Sun sign. 

How appropriate then to have an interpretation of our natal chart…that blueprint sent in by our Higher Self as to the base of the life we will construct. 


Every entity on the Earth has the blueprint of their natal astrology chart. This blueprint was originated at the beginning or formation of the person or entity.  The blueprint was formed at the date, time, and place of the birth or oigination.  This blueprint when studied in detail reveals the true essence of this person or entity.

With these on-line classes, learn how to interpret an astrology chart in just several classes. General astrology classes will instruct students as to the characteristics of the planets and signs. However, with this method of instruction, students will be interpreting complete astrology charts in a very short time.  

Then continue to define these interpretations to understand yourself, individuals in your family; business associates; famous people in society, etc.

These classes are designed to give the beginning astrologer the foundation necessary to analyze the natal birth chart and understand how the planetary makeup affects that individual or entity.  

This is Intuitive Astrology at its very best.

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