"What is our Path?  ...to teach others that which we know"
Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Sarasota, FL
  Seven-Day Course of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
   Levels of Hypnosis Training for certification

 Basic-Intermediate Curriculum

*The history of hypnotism *Rules for successful transformation
*Nature of hypnosis *Classic induction techniques
*Semantics and Vocabulary *Elman Induction
*Structuring positive suggestions *Disguised induction methods
*The Pre-induction interview *Disguised hypnotic suggestion methods
*Developing rapport *Trance management
*Establishing client goals *Trance deepening techniques
*Kein Mind Model *Measuring responsiveness & depth
*4 Mental Attitudes and Contract *Methods of deep trance
*Determining suggestibility *Waking hypnosis methods
*Suggestibility testing *Direct suggestion techniques
*Dealing with resistance *Conditioned response training
*Role of the conscious mind *Experience self hypnosis &
*Role of the subconscious mind   how to teach self hypnosis 

*Achieving the hypnotic coma state                

Advanced Curriculum
*Advanced induction techniques *Parts Technique
*Advanced instant and rapid induction *Pain control techniques
*Kein Universal Therapy *Chair Technique
*Step-by-step regression techniques *Death bed Technique
*Past Life Regression with demonstration *Forgiveness Techniques
*Abreaction control and techniques *Transformational Techniques
*Phobia removal *Ultra-Height Hypnosis
*Fear elimination *Ethics and legalities
*Uncovering Technique -Stems


The Omni method of hypnosis was developed over the life-time career of world renowned hypnotist, Gerald Kein whose career spans 50 years.  He taught his methods to me and I teach them to you.  Gerry coaches the class through the seven days via DVDs.  It's an amazing experience in the art of hypnosis.

Omni Hypnosis is one of the most renowned certification trainings in the world.  It is widely recognized because of the methods developed by Gerry...he truly is one of the 'founding fathers' of modern day hypnosis techniques.  It is Gerry's belief, as it was Dave Elman's belief, to get in, find the problem, fix it, and get out.  Therefore, Omni is one of the only hypnosis trainings that teaches and endorses regress to cause method of hypnotism. 

Omni believes in giving the very best training in hypnosis.  This builds your foundation to take this skill and use it in whatever arena you choose.  Perhaps you will continue on specializing in an area of hypnosis such as  regress to cause; child birthing; sports enhancement; specialized work with children; medical hypnosis; or possibly you would like to specialize in the metaphysical realm of hypnosis which would include past life regression. 

Omni is a complete and thorough seven-day course giving you the training and skills needed to a competent and ethical hypnotist.

After completion of the seven-day course and completion of the written examination, students will be Board certified Hypnotists through Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Sarasota, FL and the National Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification.  Omni students are also nationally certified  through the National Guild of Hypnotist as a board certified consulting hypnotist.

Hypnosis classes are held in several convenient formats.  They are held over two concurring long weekends.  The are also offered as a 7-day training.  And, they are held over three concurrent three-day weekends .  The classes are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.   The classes are held in Sarasota, Florida. 

You will receive a student training manual that is packed with handouts and vital information that will become a part of your hypnosis experience.  You will also receive scripts for multiple inductions.  With the Omni training, induction into hypnosis is the easiest part of the process of hypnotism.  

An important part of the Omni training is the in-class observation of the student's hypnosis skills.  When you complete the 7-days of class, students will have 100 hours of hypnotism training and numerous hours of practical application of all the methods.  When students finish the training, they are ready to begin their practice. 



Learn the skills and techniques of regressing into the wisdom of the past.  This four-day certification class will teach you how to use hypnosis to regress others into their past lives and obtain information that will change their present lives.  We know that there are lessons to learn in each lifetime.  Lessons that are learned can be applied to the present lifetime as benefits and advantages.  However, lessons unlearned will travel through time and create adversity in the present lifetime.  

This method of Ultimate Past Life Journeys© continues on after the physical death in the past life time.  The continuation of the journey of the soul back to the Higher Realm.  This is the unique application of Ultimate Past Life Journeys© as taught at the Academy of Applied Intuitive Arts.  This is past life regression using Higher Realm© hypnosis to gain access to Master Guides who give definition to the past, present, and future as there is only NOW time on this Higher Dimension.

When this Higher Realm is reached in an Ultimate Past Life Journeys© session, a dialogue will be established to allow the Master Guide to communicate with the client.  The issue of lessons learned or unlearned is only part of the transformational process between the Master Guide and the client.  The student of Ultimate Past Life Journeys will be taught how to establish and monitor this communication on the Higher Realm.  

This certification class also contains 'womb' training.  Allowing the hypnosis client to enter into the stage of development of the lifetime when the soul integrates with the fetus within the womb.  This is training to develop a communication with the incarnated soul regarding the life it is about to live on Earth.  

The Ultimate Past Life Journeys© certification is recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists which honors CEUs for this training.  This certification is also received by the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy training and certification.  



Class 1:  Introduction to Intuitive Arts©

Concept of Energy – begin with a blank whiteboard the first night of class.  Watch as one the Concepts of Energy chart develops step by step giving you a clear understanding of where energy comes from; and how energy works.  This is the Concept of an Incarnating Earth Soul.  This is just one of the concepts you will be presented during the series of four classes.  This one concept in itself answers those searching/seeking life questions.


Energy Applicationlearn techniques of feeling, seeing, and using energy.  Experience seeing and feeling energy fields and vortexes around the human body.  Learn the basics and terminology of:  Esoteric Healing; Esoteric Astrology; Hypnosis; and Past Life Regression


Students will gain comprehension of each subject leading to greater understanding of the world beyond the physical.

Class 2:  Concepts of Intuitive Arts©

Knowing the Higher RealmBegin a meditation practice and through meditation meet with the Seven Rays; Ascended Masters; Archangels. Learn journaling and enhance your ability to receive intuitive messages. Use practical application of Intuition.


Concepts of the Higher RealmThe Plan of the Hierarchy; Life and Death and what is between. Initiation.  Twin Flames.  End this class preparing for Mediumship with Uranus – Awakener; Neptune-Dissolver; and Pluto-Regenerator

Class 3:  Applied Intuitive Arts - Mediumship & Channelling©

Mediumship-connecting with deceased loved ones

Channelling-connecting with Spirit and Higher Vibrational Energy Beings

Students will share deceased loved ones with class mates as communication is established.   Supervised Mediumship and Channelling practice during class.

Class 4:  Intuitive Arts Certified Mediumship & Certified Channelling©

Guidelines to becoming proficient in connecting with the Higher Realm© of energy. 

Learning if you are a Telepathic Medium/Empathic Medium/Knowic© Medium/Preic© Medium and using your natural abilities of intuition in whatever path you choose.

These classes can be effectively used for self-development soul growth as well as preparation for advancement to a higher level of energy work or used effectively in your traditional work.

Experience in a controlled environment what it is to stand before an audience and present a Mediumship session and a Channelling session at the Student Gallery on Sunday of Class 4. Betty will coach you through this Student Gallery as you bring your learning to a conclusion using your newly remembered skills of intuition as a Medium and a Channeller.




Basic Intuitive Astrology

Astrology, that ancient art form of intuitive knowledge of our solar system which also includes scientific equations regarding the placement of planets and star constellations in our solar system.  These planets and star constellations are in our Universe of energy.  They are energy.  Since energy knows neither time nor distance, it travels to our Earth.  This energy coming from the planets and star constellations in our solar system affects our lives on the Earth.  We need to have an understanding of how this energy affects us here on Earth.

Basic Intuitive Astrology will give students a classic knowledge of the planets and star constellations in our solar system.  They are energy and energy has both polarities of negative and positive.  Therefore, the planets and star constellations have characteristics of both negative and positive.  This class will inform students as to those characteristics. 

When these characteristics are combined, along with the placement in the houses of a horoscope, much can be learned about that horoscope.  Each individual on the Earth, each entity whether country, business, social activity, etc., has a horoscope.  The horoscope is a 360º map of the solar system at any given time.

When the map of the solar system or the horoscope is analyzed with the placement of the planets and star constellations in the individual houses, this is interpreting an astrology chart. This class is designed to allow even the beginner in astrology to interpret charts within a very short time.  Most astrology classes will teach about the characteristics of the planets and star constellations but it takes many classes before the student begins interpreting the astrology chart.  

Basic Intuitive Astrology will have the students interpreting astrology charts with the first few classes.  This class will focus on the students natal astrology charts enabling the student to gain many aspects of their own chart while learning skills to use with other natal astrology charts.

This is a continuing class.     The online teaching software is full scale.  This is not just a conference call, this is classroom technique.  There are also handouts which will be emailed to the students.


 OMNI HYPNOSIS Seven-Day Board Certified Hypnosis Class Schedule


 Deposit required when signing up for class.  Remainder due first day of class

(**This class includes training in Womb Regression as a prerequisite for the Newton Institute training in Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy Regression) 


*Prerequisite for the Ultimate Past Life Journeys class board certification in hypnosis
These classes are also recognized with CEUs from the National Guild of Hypnotists

 Intuitive Arts Class Schedule 


 *Class 4 -Sunday Student Gallery

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Basic Intuitive Astrology
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"I have found Betty to be a source of wisdom. I took the Hypnosis course from Betty and what I thought would be interesting material turned into a fascinating combination of classroom instruction, actual hands on training and a possible new career. Betty is diligent and determined to give the most accurate, up to date and relevant information possible. She takes her responsibility as an educator seriously. With her talents as a Medium, also, she is truly a source of important insights."
...Cindy Snowball - Sarasota

"Betty McCormack came very highly recommended to me from a well respected colleague who felt I should attend her spiritual development classes to develop my intuitive abilities.  Like most things, I put it aside until one day while meditating I received a vision, it was a neon sign flashing in red that said call Betty McCormack.  Since this came to me in such a way I just had to call that very day.  There was only one spot left from a cancellation and the class was beginning in a few days.  The rest is history, since those classes with Betty I now help others through doing my life's work and calling as a professional Medium and Channel and have been honored to be featured in several magazines and newspapers.  This never would have happened without the strong foundation and techniques Betty gave me.  My sincere thanks, Betty...from Michele"

"Betty's classes where literally life changing for me!  I attended both the Intuitive Development and the Hypnosis class.  Betty's classes expanded my consciousness to a level I never imagined possible.  A new world was presented to me through her teachings and personalized concepts.  Betty's classes provide each student with practical tools to embark on a new career or life path.  I would highly recommend each class to anyone curious about Intuitive Development or hypnosis.  You will have a wonderful new prospective on life once the course is complete!" 
..Ciana Ryan, Sarasota

"These classes offer great insight into the Soul and allow you to reunite with your intuitive nature.  Betty shares complex ideas in an easy to understand format that intrigue your desire for knowledge and will change your life!  They are the best classes I've ever taken
- thank you, Betty!"
...Cassandra Kramer, North Carolina

"The intuitive development class I took was transformational in my intuitive development, as well as my spiritual growth andmy journey of healing.  Betty taught me that we all have intuitive gifts, that we have just forgotten, and that we can reconnect with these gifts, both for our own life's journey as well as using them to help others, by they clients, friends, or family.  As an accountant and a former Michigander, I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to develop their intuitive gifts and their spiritual connection." 
..C.T., Naples, FL

"When I took Betty McCormack's Intuitive Development Classes, I got more than I bargained for; MUCH more! Not only did I successfully learn how to receive valid spiritual information (which completely blew my mind), but I also received the most comprehensive spiritual education of my lifetime. Betty's depth of knowledge on her subject is beyond compare. With the supportive atmosphere she creates in her classes, I felt safe and comfortable the entire time--even when at my most vulnerable moments. Best of all, Betty might not admit it, but she also happens to be a great stand up comedienne, and told the best stories, to boot! Her classes were a true pleasure, and will always be a highlight of my spiritual journey."
..Angela Valentine, Sarasota, FL

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"I first was acquainted with Betty as a client and then as a student of her Intuitive Development and Mediumship classes.  Just meeting Betty for a session is a life changing event, but having the opporunity to study under her is extraordinary - she will open up areas you never dreamed possible .  I am looking forward to future studies with her" ...Ursula