Certifications and Degrees:

AIIS Institute
Certified in Psychic Development
Certified in Mediumship & Channelling
Certified in Kabbalistic Path Working

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
"The Heart of Happiness" with
     James Van Praagh and
     Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D.

"Heaven & Earth - Making the Psychic Connection" with James Van Praagh

Mediumship Seminar with
     James Van Praagh

The Institute for Bioenergy Studies
Dr. Barbara Briner, D.O.
Certified through the International Network
for Esoteric Healing in Levels I, II, III, IV
Certified through the Institute for Bioenergy Studies in Levels V, VI, VII

National Association of Esoteric Healing
Professional Membership

Omni Hypnosis Training Center®
Basic through Advanced Degrees in Hypnosis Technique
Specialized Training: 
Ultra-Height® Hypnosis
     Hypnotic Phobia Removal
     Eliminating Alcoholism
"A Weekend with Stephen Parkhill" author of 'Answer Cancer'

Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Sarasota, FL
Designated Certification Instructor

National Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification
Board Certified Hypnotist

National Federation of Hypnotists

National Guild of Hypnotists
Certified Consulting Hypnotist

The Weiss Institute-Dr. Brian Weiss,
Past Life Regressionist

The Newton Institute for Life Between 
Lives Hypnotherapy
Certified Life Between Lives Regressionist

DK College of Denmark
Esoteric Astrology Levels I, II, III with
Michael Robbins

Academy of Applied Intuitive Arts
About Betty McCormack
  • Betty is certified in Mediumship & Channelling; Psychic Development; and the Kabbalistic Path. Her training began with the teacher who taught the world-famous Medium, John Edward. She has studied Mediumship with prominent Medium and author, James Van Praagh.
  • She is certified through the International Network of Esoteric Healing and the National Association of Esoteric Healing having studied with Dr. Barbara Briner of the Institute for Bioenergy Studies in Okemos, MI
  • She is a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification. She is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.
  • Betty is a designated certification instructor of hypnosis for the Omni Hypnosis Training Center® of Sarasota, FL.
  • She is certified by Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression.
  • Betty is certified by The Newton Institute as a Life Between Lives Regressionist. She took her training in England with Dr. Michael Newton, who is the originator of Life Between Lives Regression Therapy. She was the treasurer of the Newton Institute.
  • Betty lived and worked at the Humlegaarden Holistic Cancer Treatment Center in Humlebaek, Denmark where she worked directly with patients using all her healing modalities. While there, she studied Esoteric Astrology with the well-known author and lecturer, Michael Robbins.
  • Betty owns and teaches at the Academy of Applied Intuitive Arts where she developed four levels of Applied Intuitive Arts. This is certified Mediumship and certified Channelling. Betty teaches hypnosis for board certification. She also has designed and teaches Ultimate Past Life Journeys© classes for certification in past life regression.

"I admire my Grandma.  She is nice, kind, and is really sweet.  She has a nice pers
onality.  I admire her because she follows her heart and never gives up at what she does.".......Libby

My at the time 10 year old granddaughter, best described my work one day when asked by a friend's mother..."what does your Grandmother do?"....    My granddaughter replied, "She talks to God and then tells people what He says because some people do not listen to God.".......